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The Citizens Who Lust After Stephen's Ties
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Colboard Thread: The Tie
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This is one of those Communities That Someone Had To Create Eventually. After December 13, 2006, when Stephen Colbert wore a tie featuring stripes in the LJ colors, many of the fake news fans on LiveJournal were sure it was a message to us. We interpreted it as a message that the time had come.

Welcome to the first and only community dedicated to tie screenshots, tie video, tie-related observations, tie lust, and all manner of discussion vaguely related to the sexy, sexy ties worn by (or that should be worn by) Stephen Colbert and his fellow fake newsmen.

If you have tie images, don't leave them in a comment - make a new post! This makes it easier to tag and sort them. Posts are sorted by color, pattern, person, props, and features of interest.

Despite the name, this community does not do explicit fetishism. Please keep your posts at least as clean as the shows themselves. While they don't need to be squeaky-clean and starched, don't make us pull out the brain bleach.
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