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Official Association of Citizens Who Lust After Stephen's Ties


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For tie screenshots, tie video, tie-related observations, tie lust, and all manner of discussion vaguely related to Stephen's ties.


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Peter meh
I stumbled upon this community today and realized it was the perfect place to discuss an idea I've had for quite some time.  I work at the store in the South Carolina State Museum, and I have been thinking of buying one of our lovely palmetto tree ties and sending it to Stephen, since he is our Favorite Son.  So here are my questions:

First of all, should I do it?  Do you think he'd even get it?  If he did do you think he'd wear it on the show?  I thought it would be perfect for the presidental campaign but ... you know.
Most importantly, what color should I get him? (Here's a link to our web store.)  Navy with silver trees, pink with navy trees, yellow with navy trees, garnet with silver trees, or taupe with navy trees?  
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