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Official Association of Citizens Who Lust After Stephen's Ties


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For tie screenshots, tie video, tie-related observations, tie lust, and all manner of discussion vaguely related to Stephen's ties.


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More caps of the "these looked cooler on the telly" variety.

Computer monitors do in fact show colors differently. (Did you know that a computer screen is incapable of producing true purple [that is, light with a wavelength of approximately 420–380nm]?) But that shouldn't affect the pretty silver, should it?

From May 10:

"You wanna piece, Marshall Islands?"

Silver on black on white on black. I approve.

Jon has a flashback to the '90s. And we always talk about Stephen's willingness to do anything for the sake of a joke...

Footage is "courtesy of the Committee to Blackmail Jon Stewart."

...his hair looks so fluffy...

Gee, that background doesn't look familiar...

I don't remember at all what this segment was about. So enjoy the gold on burgundy.

And, as a bonus (from May 7), a francophone Stephen.


Don't remember what color the tie was, so I'm throwing in a "greyscale" tag.

He looks so disaffected and French there.
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